5 Types of Water Heaters

Are you struggling with the hot water supply in your home? Every morning starts the same: you wake up, dream about taking a hot shower before a long day, and turn on the water in the shower only to discover that your old water heater can no longer provide you with as much hot water as you need. The universe is giving you signs – now is the right time to buy a new water heater, which will ensure that your whole family can enjoy hot showers whenever they want!


But how to select a suitable hot water tank that will meet all the requirements? There are so many questions concerning its durability, capacity, energy efficiency, and other technical parameters that make this choice very difficult. In this article, we will compare five different types of water heaters to help you select the best one.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater:

This is the most widespread heater type, which provides excellent results. The cost of purchasing and installing this water heater is much lower compared to the alternatives. Moreover, the tank is insulated to ensure that water inside it maintains the desired temperature without using too much energy. Sadly, this type of hot water heater will not last long because the tank will eventually start to rust from the inside. If you have hard water in your home, be ready to regularly flush the heater to reduce the corrosion speed or think about installing a water softener filter.

A tankless water heater turns cool water into hot immediately as it passes around a series of hot coils. In comparison with other appliances, this type is supposed to last significantly longer, about 20 years. While this heater technically provides an unlimited supply of warm water, it’s not going to meet your needs if you use water at several points in your house (for instance, if several people in the household need to take showers in different bathrooms at the same time).

Condensing Water Heater

This option is suitable for homes with natural gas connections. It holds the hot exhaust gases, which are used then to heat water. This gas water heater is eco-friendly and will help you save money on utilities. At the same time, you should be aware that it requires plenty of space for installation.

Heat Pump Water Heater

The heat pump water heater is unique because it doesn’t generate energy but uses heat from the ground and air. With this appliance, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to supply your home with hot water by more than 50%. However, it is necessary to install this device in a proper spot. Cold places such as a basement will not be suitable. In addition, heat pump heaters have a small life span of just around ten years.

Solar-Powered Water Heater

This is the best heater type for solar panels users. This heater gets its energy from the sun, which makes it the most efficient and environmentally friendly model. At the same time, it runs on electricity or natural gas on cloudy days, so you won’t be left without a hot water supply. Unfortunately, these appliances are ineffective in cold and rainy climates and they remain the most expensive heaters to purchase and install.

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