Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe to Use in a Home?

If you’ve never faced a clogged drain in your house, consider yourself very lucky! But those of you who have known how much pain and struggle it is. And in search of the easiest and fastest solution, a great share of people choose to resort to chemical drain cleaners. But have you ever wondered how dangerous and toxic they are? You should know the whole truth about store-bought chemicals before making a hasty decision and pouring a caustic drain cleaner down your drain pipes.

Top reasons why you shouldn’t use a chemical drain cleaner

Threat to health

Some cleaners may be poisonous since they emit harmful fumes. Their improper use may result in health problems for your family members and pets later down the road. And while these chemicals can dissolve tough blockages in no time, they also can significantly damage your skin if it comes into contact with the cleaner.


In addition to this, lots of homeowners fail to read and therefore follow the guidelines and safety recommendations on the labels of these products. When using a chemical drain cleaner you must:

  • Make sure the area is well-ventilated
  • Restrict access to children and pets
  • Never combine different drain cleaners
  • Always use rubber gloves when handling chemicals
  • Avoid using a plunge

If you ignore these safety precautions, a clogged drain will be the least of your issues.


A drain cleaning solution contains chemicals that are powerful enough to cut through hair, grease, and other debris. Since these chemicals are so corrosive, they can cause pipes to soften and become susceptible to damage. If they are used frequently, over time, the pipes will ultimately need to be replaced.

Environmental impact

Chemical drain cleaners ultimately end up in water and soil, posing a great environmental risk since the majority of these products contain bleach and other chemicals that produce fumes. Plus, a small amount of chemical solution will always remain in the packaging, which might become an issue when its dropped off in a landfill.

Questionable efficacy

We’ve all seen ads telling us how effective drain cleaners are. But the key point all commercials fail to mention is that these solutions can’t eliminate all causes of clogs. For instance, if the blockage happens because of a damaged pipe, applying a chemical cleaner will not fix your problem. Instead, it will create further issues by allowing the solution to seep from your pipe. At the same time, some clogs may be caused by tree roots and there is no way chemicals can fix that. In this case, you’ll need to seek the help of a professional who can use specialized equipment to fix the issue.


At first glance, it may seem like a store-bought drain cleaner is the best thing that ever happened to you, but this can be deceiving, and sometimes the easiest solution isn’t the right one.


Sometimes, all our efforts just aren’t enough to clean a clogged drain. In that case, it is a good idea to stop wasting effort and time on DIY methods and get some professional help! Give us a call to schedule a visit from one of our skilled plumbers to fix and clean your drains.

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