Bath installation company in San Jose and Bay Area

Did you know you spend an average of 182 hours a year in the bathroom? A bathroom for a modern person who lives in a constant rush is where you can relax and rest from endless vanity, get rid of stress and tension. That is why it is important to ensure that all bathroom components are working properly: faucets, shower, bath, sockets, exhaust fans.


If something goes wrong, the rest of the functions lose a sense – a chain reaction starts, which causes a complete replacement of the bath. Entrust us with the solution to problems – we will quickly and inexpensively carry out a high-quality installation of the tub, ensuring the smooth working of the vital elements of your plumbing equipment.

Bath installation by United Plumbing

Our company cares about customers, offers services at below-market prices, and guarantees the highest quality. We can carry out a project of any complexity level, for example, dismantle an old bathtub and install a new one in its place. Plumbers work on flexible hours and always adapt to clients. Call us at a convenient time 24/7 to clarify the details of cooperation or order a specialist home call.

Venting fan installation

The bathroom is the warmest and wettest room in the house. Taking a hot shower or relaxing bath increases the moisture in the air. It may cause the formation of mold or mildew if the air exchange in the house is disrupted. A modern venting fan will help you maintain normal humidity levels in the bathroom throughout the day. To replace the old device and install a new, more functional one, please contact our specialists.

Lamp installation

A bathroom lamp is thing you cannot do without. We offer lighting installation services. With our help, you will add the finishing touches to your interior design and create a cozy bathroom. Do not follow the example of those who install lamps by themselves, because this process requires special skills and experience. Our plumbers have everything necessary for this job.

Elimination of leaks

One of the common reasons for a bathroom leak is a broken tap or shower door. Leaks cause unpleasant consequences, and the only solution to the problem is a complete replacement of the equipment. If you find a problem in the shower, call us immediately – we will provide a thorough check of the water supply system, eliminate the leak promptly, repair or replace the faulty equipment.

Sewerage replacement

Repairing a toilet is an important step in modifying a bathroom. You can order from us both a simple equipment repair in case of minor breakdowns and a comprehensive replacement of all plumbing elements in case of serious malfunctions. The company guarantees a decent quality of services, regardless of the level of complexity.


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