Causes of excessive water waste in the house: how to eliminate it?

Plumbing problems often have devastating effects and require costly repair of damage and the prevention of possible emergencies in the future. If you notice signs of a leak, do not try to locate the source yourself, especially if you have no experience with plumbing fixtures. The right decision in this situation is to contact professionals. United Plumbing specialists are well aware of the causes of leaks in apartments and private houses and are ready to help at any time.
Causes of water leaks in the house and methods of their elimination
Leaky pipes are not the only reason for your huge water bills. The problem can be lurking in any equipment connected to the plumbing system and installed in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, or laundry room:

Water heaters

Factory defect is one of the common causes of a water heater malfunction. In this case, the leakage will show itself soon after installing the device: the leakage will appear in the upper part of the boiler, but there will be no visual deformation. The way out is to return the product under warranty to the seller.
If the outer shell of the water heater is deformed, the responsibility for the errors that led to the water waste lies not with the manufacturer but with you. It indicates an incorrect connection to the water supply system, namely, an inappropriate installation of a safety valve on the water supply line. This particular detail protects the tank from excessive filling, which leads to deformation of the body. The solution to the problem is to dismantle the valve and install a new one. Deformation also occurs due to the low-quality pipes during installation, which requires a complete replacement of the device.
If there is a water leak from under the lid, the reason is scale formation. It is necessary to dismantle, clean the interior and install a new TEH. Water leaking through the inspection hole indicates that the gasket is worn out and needs to be replaced. In any case, you cannot do without the help of a competent plumber.


Let’s imagine you turned on your washer and soon found a local flood in the bathroom or laundry room. The only way out is the immediate disconnection of the device from the network and applying for a call to the masters marked “urgent”. Only they will be able to determine the cause of water waste. There are several possible sources: pipes, sewer, heating system, or the washer itself.
There are several signs, causes, and remedies for a washer leak:

Leakage from connections happens due to loose hose attachment to the body. Inspect hoses and tighten nuts.
A leak in the filter area happens due to problems with fixing the drain filter. Reinstall it, and if there are defects – replace it.
Front panel leaks happen due to blockage in the detergent dispenser hopper. Remove blockage by flushing the detergent dispenser. In case of high water pressure in the water supply system, reduce the pressure using the supply hose valve.
Leakage from the hatch or puddles under the machine happens due to deformation of the hatch cuff. Repair (in case of a small defect) or replace the cuff.
Leakage from the bottom without obvious signs happens due to problems with the pipe. Replace the components; in case of loosening of the clamps, tighten the clamps.


A frequent reason for looking for plumbers nearby is a toilet malfunction. Most of the problems with the toilet are connected with defects in the drainage mechanism and connections to the sewer and plumbing system. Signs of a serious cistern leak are periodic puddles near the toilet and an unpleasant smell in the toilet. 

If a leak occurs from under the inner gasket, then it is time to change this part since it has lost its tightness (or was installed incorrectly), but if the source is the tank mount, it is necessary to replace the rubber band between the toilet and the tank.

Leakage in the connection to the sewer is a consequence of mistakes in the connection of the branch or installation of the gasket, which may be solved by repairing or replacing the equipment.

Basement pipes

Did you find a break in the water pipes in your basement? Immediately look for specialists for the request “plumbers near me”, indicating the city/region and make a request for an emergency home visit. Any delay threatens with a serious flood and damage to property. The cause of such accidents is obvious: pipe wear, blockage in the system, damage to a pipe section (for example, due to construction work). It is easy to notice the signs. It may be the appearance of water from under the doorway, windows, walls, etc., or the noise of water, or a strong characteristic smell.
It is possible to eliminate the accident only with the efforts of a whole team of plumbers using special equipment for pumping water and dehumidifiers, as well as materials for the prompt replacement of damaged equipment, both in the water supply and sewer mains.

So, any problem with the plumbing requires urgent intervention. Late repair and elimination of water leaks may cause water overruns, mold formation, severe property damage, and flooding of neighbors. Your task is to contact qualified plumbers when the first signs are found. Ours is to take emergency measures to find the source of the leak, eliminate it and minimize the possible consequences of the accident. Call the United Plumbing specialists 24/7!

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