Repair of sewerage systems in San Jose and Bay Area

The need to repair sewer pipes arises in case of cracks, fistulas, leaks, blockages.

Every problem requires a prompt solution because it can be more serious than you think. To avoid an emergency, contact a professional plumber immediately. 


There is full service of sewer systems in the list of services of the company United Plumbing. In a couple of minutes, we will find the cause of the malfunction, carry out a repair, or replace the sewer pipes completely, whether in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

Sewerage repair by United Plumbing 

The quality of pipes depends on the material they are made from. Here’s copper and plastic pipes as an example:

  • Copper pipes made of galvanized steel: subject to accelerated corrosion. It causes the formation of rust and, as a result, damage to the pipes.
  • Plastic pipes do not tolerate temperature changes. The consequence of this is the occurrence of cracks.

The high-quality of the material does not guarantee the durability of the pipes. Damage often occurs due to the other factors: soil pressure, water pressure, water temperature, etc.

Complete replacement of the sewage system

Sometimes fixing one defect is not enough to get rid of the problem. If you want to forget forever about leaks, blockages, and other household troubles associated with a malfunction of sewer and water supply systems, order a complete replacement of pipes.


By contacting us, you will receive comprehensive assistance from specialized specialists. Our core business is the replacement of cracked and deformed pipes, regardless of their material.

When you can’t do without the help of plumbers:

  • there is a buzz in the pipes of the bathroom, kitchen, basement;
  • the water supply to the toilet bowl has stopped;
  • water passes poorly in the sink, bath, toilet;
  • there is a smell of sewage in the house or the backyard.

We work officially, on a contractual basis, and therefore you can be sure of the quality of services and the adequacy of prices. We carry out pipe maintenance around the clock, adapting to the client’s schedule, and we also carry out urgent orders.

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