Full house water repiping in San Jose and Bay Area

A common cause of water pipe breakage is wearing out. But other variants are also possible, including increased internal pressure, mechanical influence, corrosion damage, which depends on the quality of the material, etc. If you noticed signs of malfunctions in water supply systems (low pressure, poor water drainage, leakage, condensation, noises in the system, interruption of water supply, etc.), do not try to act on your own – call a plumber immediately. He will correctly identify the source of the problem and take measures to prevent a serious accident.

Repair and replacement of pipes

Depending on the pipe material, the causes of damage can be different:

  • Galvanized copper pipes are unstable to corrosion, which is why they fail faster and require a complete replacement.
  • Plastic pipes often crack both due to high water temperatures and due to mistakes made during installation.

Any material, despite the presence of indisputable advantages, can crack, deform, or break over time. In addition, the service life of pipes is affected by water and soil pressure, water temperature, and other external and internal factors.

The breakthrough of the water supply system: ways to solve the problem

Plumbers of the  United Plumbing use modern methods of working with plumbing systems. We can get access to any pipe, regardless of its location and the layout of your home.


If we find faults, we act in one of the following ways:

  • We repair pipes from the inside: we repair a faulty pipeline, eliminating cracks, cleaning them from corrosion and blockages, applying a protective coating.
  • We install new pipes: if the pipes cannot be repaired, we lay new ones through the existing ones to avoid further destruction.

We guarantee high-quality service at a favorable price. We carry out both routine pipe diagnostics and urgent orders to repair and replace pipelines with an increased risk of serious emergencies. Call us anytime, 24/7.

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