The gas pipeline is the most important element of the gas supply system. The work on its installation and dismantling is connected with serious difficulties, which only a professional can deal with. Acting on your own means putting yourself and those around you – family and neighbors – at high risk.


Our company provides not only plumbing but also engineering services in San Jose and Bay Area, regardless of the level of complexity: repair of a fireplace, elimination of propane leaks, implementation of large-scale special projects for the restoration of gas supply systems. We carry out emergency orders, moving to the object at any time of the day 24/7. We work on mutually beneficial terms at fair prices, which become fixed at the stage of concluding a contract, and they do not increase in the work process.

Gas pipeline repair by United Plumbing

Your comfort and safety depend on the reliability of the gas supply system. Using its capabilities every day, you do not think about how your life will change if something suddenly breaks down. There are the causes of damage to gas distribution networks: inconsistent construction and earthworks, violation of safety rules during installation, the effect of corrosion, wearing out of pipes.


Our mission is to find the source of damage, prevent an explosion, and optimize your gas equipment’s work. The sooner you turn to professionals, the sooner you can return to your normal life. Any delay can cause an emergency, the consequence of which is irreparable harm to health and loss of property. Call emergency assistance for any sign of trouble in the gas lines and equipment.

We provide a whole range of services for working with gas distribution networks:

  • Arrangement and installation of internal gas supply (including in new buildings)
  • Diagnostics and technical inspection of gas pipelines for compliance with safety standards
  • Installation and connection of gas equipment for the home: household gas stoves and heating boilers.
  • Emergency repairs in conditions of increased accident risk.
  • Laying of internal and external gas pipelines

Our arsenal includes modern equipment for detecting gas leaks and performing hazardous gas work. In repairing, replacing, or laying gas pipelines, we rely on building codes and rules of gas distribution system installation. Our goal is to ensure 100% safety, and therefore we are obliged to carry out the calculation of gas pipelines for stability and strength.

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