Kitchen sink installation

Despite the many offers on the plumbing market, it is difficult to choose a reliable executant with fair prices. However, this is not a reason to try to solve the problem yourself. Plumbing work should be done by qualified specialists familiar with the safety rules and understanding the importance of following them. 


Repair of kitchen fixtures and their elements is impossible without special skills and many years of experience. Changing the faucet, removing the blockage is not as easy as you think, and installing a new kitchen sink even more so. If you notice signs of a malfunction of the water supply system (weak water pressure, pipe leakage, etc.) or need to install new equipment, contact plumbers of  United Plumbing from San Jose and Bay Area for help.

Kitchen sink installation by United Plumbing

Refusing professional help can backfire: 

  • Damage to the tabletop. The process of installing a kitchen sink requires maximum care; otherwise, you risk causing mechanical damage to the countertop. Incorrect installation of a sink is a common cause of chips and cracks on the countertop, which is fraught with additional costs for restoration, especially when it’s made from expensive material, such as stone.
  • Size mismatch. Sometimes, when replacing an old sink with a new one, there are difficulties in maintaining the sizes. If a non-professional does it, he may not be able to cope with the measurement task at the stage of parameter selection, and then additional carpenter services will be needed at the installation stage.

Damage to the water supply is the most dangerous consequence of replacing or repairing a kitchen sink yourself:

  • Termination of water access. It occurs due to non-compliance with the rules for assembling pipes, their individual sections, transitions, bends, and branches, as well as the improper connection of plumbing equipment and devices.
  • Breakage of pipes. The reason is the selection of unsuitable materials and mistakes when connecting pipes.
  • Water drainage problems. Incorrect installation of the sink drain and food waste disposer.

It is an incomplete list of problems you may face if you decide to save money on calling a plumber. Our specialists have deep knowledge and many years of experience with plumbing equipment. They can both install a kitchen sink from scratch and fix all the consequences of amateur work.


We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, guaranteeing high-quality service and favorable fixed prices. In case of emergencies, you can contact us to order emergency assistance 24/7.

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