Leak detection and repair

Leakage of water pipes requires immediate elimination; otherwise, it can have unpleasant consequences: damage to walls and floors in the place of leakage, the appearance and spread of mold throughout the house due to increased humidity. If you find a minor leak but decide not to seek help from specialists, you risk getting huge water bills. Furthermore, over time, flooding of the living space, including the lower floors, may occur.


The sooner you take steps to locate and repair leaks, the cheaper it will be to repair faulty equipment and damaged interior elements.

United Plumbing  from San Jose and Bay Area  is ready to help with both the first and the second. If you notice a pipe leak, please contact us – we will immediately go to the facility, diagnose the water supply system, and make emergency repairs. If you have already had an emergency, we will eliminate its consequences: restore the pipeline and replace the plumbing equipment.

Pipeline repair in case of leak detection

The United Plumbing goal is to minimize the possible consequences of a leak and reduce your repair costs. Thanks to the availability of modern equipment, we can access all sections of the pipeline, regardless of its location and layout of the premises:

  • In the bathroom. A pipe leak in a bathroom/shower room is caused by corrosion or deformation due to mechanical stress. Sink or drain may leak due to damaged screw connections. Regardless of the reason, the possibility of flooding the premises is high. We will detect the exact source of the water leak using acoustic microphones and prevent accidents.
  • In the kitchen. The appearance of moisture on the floor under the sink may indicate damage to the drainage system due to significant lateral loads, assembly errors, factory defects, and gasket deformation. It is fraught with the loss of over 2000 gallons of water! We will keep you out of trouble: we will assemble/disassemble the siphon, repair the drain, and test its functionality.
  • Outside. Leakage of external sewer pipes occurs due to changes in external temperatures, groundwater pressure, static load, etc. The consequence is the appearance of unsanitary conditions in your yard. We will fix problems in the pipeline design through a complete restoration.

In the process of diagnosing the condition of pipes and doing repair work, we use acoustic microphones, endoscopic cameras, devices for determining the level of moisture and detecting leaks, and pressure measuring devices. It allows us to assess the complexity of the necessary work quickly and choose the most optimal approach.

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