Shut-off valve repair

One of the types of shut-off pipeline fittings is a shut-off valve (flap). Plumbing valves are responsible for ensuring the smooth circulation of water in the home and are usually located in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Sometimes the valve can break down, for example, due to mechanical damage. But do not rush to repair it yourself – you can only exacerbate the problem.


We will help you troubleshoot the water supply system, repair, replace, or install a copper or plastic valve. Using the services of professional plumbers, you will get rid of the need to choose the right fittings on your own and carry out their installation.

Shut-off valve repair by United Plumbing

To avoid problems with the pipeline valve, we recommend you to prefer copper rather than plastic elements. Do not choose cheap variants – the cost of repairing them in the future will exceed the original price. If you are at a loss with a purchase, please contact us – we will consult you on choosing a high-quality shut-off valve from an extensive assortment presented in stores. With our help, you will forget about problems with plumbing and will significantly save money.


When purchasing a shut-off valve, do not try to install it or replace the old valve with a new one on your own. The replacement process only seems to be simple. In reality, you will encounter serious difficulties, which will lead to pipe leaks, breakdown of the valve itself, damage to its elements. To avoid problems, do not hesitate – call professionals.


A leaking water supply/shut-off valve may indicate other serious plumbing problems in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet. That’s why it is so important, when detecting any signs of plumbing faults, not to hesitate, but to call the plumbers. And if there are significant leaks, emergency assistance may be required. 


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We will solve all your problems with plumbing, establish an uninterrupted water flow in the house, find and eliminate leaks in water supply and sewer pipes, thereby preventing serious accidents.

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