Pitfalls of water heater installation and repairing

A water heater is a simple solution to the problem of hot water lack in the house. Choosing a heating device as an alternative to a centralized hot water supply, you will forget what a sudden shutdown of water and a weak pressure are. Uninterrupted water circulation in the local water supply system is only guaranteed if the water heater installation is made according to all the rules. To avoid trouble with future use of the equipment, do not try to install it yourself: it is better to contact United Plumbing professionals.
Water heater installation and service
The installation features of the unit depend on its type and principle of operation. A gas appliance is based on a burner, and an electric one – on a tubular electric heater (TEH). An uninsulated spiral, a combination of heating elements and a heat exchanger, etc., can also be used as a heating element, depending on the type of equipment: storage (closed or open boiler) or flow-through. That is why a qualified specialist should deal with the troubleshooting and complete plumbing replacement – he is familiar with different equipment types.

If you are not versed in plumbing, you will have serious difficulties at the stage of device mounting. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically, recessed into a wall, mounted high on a wall, or installed permanently on the floor. General requirement: water heaters are allowed to be installed only if there is high-quality waterproofing in the room. You cannot do without the help of the specialist, because only he can assess the real situation: to check the equipment and determine the need for the plumbing repairing or replacing.
Installation features of different water heaters

Storage water heater

Wall-mounted ones are mounted high, considering the minimum distance from the taps; floor-mounted ones are mounted on a stand using special bolts and according to the requirements for the distance from the protective cover of the device to the nearest surface. There is a difference in the installation of vertical and horizontal models: depending on the capacity and location (including the degree of wall strength), they are placed on two or more support parts, hanging strips, or metal frames

Water heater service should be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions. Direct connection of metal pipes and water pipes is prohibited, so United Plumbing specialists use plastic and metal-plastic adapters in the process of connecting equipment to the water supply system. So, the installation of a new heater consists of several stages:

  • Marking of attachment points, forming holes on the wall, placing the tank on the appropriate fasteners.
  • First cold and then hot water supply after installation of an emergency drain, a spring-loaded valve, a shut-off tap, and a fitting for a tight shut-off.
  • Connection with power line equipment with a circuit breaker to ensure a high level of safety.

Flowing-through water heater

Replacing flowing-through plumbing is much faster because of its compact size and low weight, which simplifies the installation process. In addition, the kit often includes supporting and fastening elements, which, if necessary, can be found in any building store.

The installation also begins with making holes and reliable mounting of the device. Of course, water supply requires strict adherence to instructions. The plumber will inform you in advance about ways to extend the life of the equipment, for example, by installing a filter to remove mechanical impurities. Before connecting the device to the network, the master will calculate the load and install an RCD to provide protection against leakage.
Water heating plumbing repair

Among the main reasons for the failure of a water heater, in addition to errors in installation, there are hard water and power outages. These problems lie on the surface, so they might be solved quickly: you can prevent scale formation by buying a filter and avoiding voltage surges by connecting uninterruptible power supplies.

United Plumbing offers variants for resolving various problems in the plumbing service process:

  • Disconnecting the RCD: ensuring the correct connection to the network, replacement of the machine
  • Interruptions in heating: checking and repairing/replacing the heating element, reconnecting to the network, cleaning the heating element.
  • Leaks: removing and installing a new gasket, tightening or replacing the flange nuts.
  • Extraneous sounds, current output: replacement of pipes or control boards; repair of heating element and control unit, grounding.
  • Overheating of the water heater: checking the thermal paste and the device or its reconnecting.

United Plumbing works with different types of water heaters. We can find the cause of the breakdown in a couple of minutes and make the right decision to eliminate it: whether it be a minor repair of the unit or installation from scratch. If you notice that the equipment has stopped working properly, contact our plumbers, and you will save time and money.

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