Alexander the plumber

company member Alexander

If you need to get the job done without any extra words, it is Alexander whom you need to engage.


This guy works clockwise and your plumbing will be saved from all the problems if it is Alexander who fixes or installs it.


He works in our company for 4 years proving his high skills and readiness to achieve new techniques to ensure the highest quality of his work.


Catherine W.
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Had a backed up kitchen sink, tried to unclog it for weeks with a lot of liquid plumber. No luck. Put in a work request on Yelp and they responded right away. Offered to come out that day which was much appreciated. The plumber showed up on time, quickly got to work and unclogged the drain. Very nice people from the phone call to the in home service. Recommend them.
Andrea Neitzer
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Alexandr K arrived even earlier than scheduled, worked quickly, efficiently and was still sufficiently careful not do damage anything. He replaced the wax ring under the toilet which I had expected to be the culprit. Will keep an eye on the area to make sure that nothing else caused the leak at the base of the toilet. Thank you. I would hire United Plumbing again.

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