Dmitry the plumber

company member Dmitry

Meet and greet Dmitry, the plumber that provides the fastest repair and installation services in San Jose and its neighborhoods.


His skills and innovative approach to each repair case make miracles. We can gladly say that Dmitry fully shares our values and does his best to maintain our high reputation.


His working stage is 3 years and since the very start, he obtained all certificates and licenses that a good plumber should have.


Stephen J.
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We had a relatively large leak in our kitchen sink and called United Plumbing for help. They sent in the plumber named Dmitri, and called us back for the next day. He was able to come quickly the next day, and helped us get to work. We bought our own faucet at a hardware store, who told us the faucet we purchased would function and fit fine from the store, however, the details that we got from the hardware store would not be able to fit from the hardware store. After looking at the details from our kitchen faucet, Dmitri, looked at the details, and figured out despite what the hardware store told us, Dmitri and his manager figured out it likely would not fit. Dmitri was able to find out there would be another faucet at a somewhat similar price and better faucet brand near our house that he drove over and purchased for us and brought back to our home. Dmitri got it back to our house and installed and verified to work with no leak. Really appreciate the help with his work, and he was able to talk to his manager (I assume) to verify how to do the great work. Really a nice plumber who was able to explain what he planned to do. Really appreciate Dmitry and the United Plumbing company.
Vincent C.
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Everything was communicated online with clarity and transparency. I was given price quote for two scenarios so I know what's the worst case. Appreciate the honesty of their technician. They didn't try to overcharge. The proposal for simple scenario is sufficient. Overall good experience, would work with this company again!

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