Why Do I Need a Building Permit in the First Place?

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Keep in mind that unpermitted construction can lower your assessed real estate’s value, and you might even need to re-do it up to code as a condition of the sale.

When do I need a permit for plumbing work?

A City permit is required when you:

  • Replace or install a water heater
  • Convert a water heater from tank to tankless
  • Relocate a water heater

  • Replace underground piping
  • Alter piping inside a ceiling, wall, or beneath a floor.
  • Make an emergency repair or alteration on a section of pipe five feet or longer.

  • Allocate a new gas line
  • Replace an existing gas line
  • Sewer line replacement
  • Clean out installation close to the City line

Permits are issued by your local building department. You may find a proper jurisdiction based on your address or ask United Plumbing to help you out with this.

How do I plan to do plumbing work on my home?

You may hire a licensed plumbing contractor to get the work done.
For more information, please contact 4087635199 to get the details on your project and permit option.

What If I Skip Getting a Permit?

If your project requires a permit, you’re obliged to get a permit. If you are being serviced with a contractor who suggests applying for the permit optionally or skipping this step at all, consider finding another contractor.

How Much Does A Building Permit Cost?

The cost depends on the location of the project and the scope of work to be performed, so it may differ dramatically. On average, you may find some price list on the City/County websites or contact them directly for the price concern.

Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor may cost a little more, however, in the long run that will definitely save your time and eliminate the inconvenience it may cause.

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