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Professional Plumbing Repair, Maintenance & Installation in the Silicon Valley

Over 4 years ago we founded United Plumbing in order to truly care about our community. Our goal was to provide customers in San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley area with exceptional plumbing at affordable prices. Our experienced San Jose plumbers promise to always treat our customers as friends and neighbors, since that’s exactly who many of them are to us. United Plumbing, a local, family-owned business, prides itself on forming long-lasting bonds with customers. We also offer prompt arrival times, so you never have to wait around which is often the case with other plumbing companies or handymen.
We are an insured and certified plumbing provider and are rated 5 stars, so you can be confident that your plumbing problems will be eliminated after a service call.
Returning customers recommend us and choose us for all their plumbing needs because:

  • We are resourceful and knowledgeable
  • We go out of our way to accommodate our customers’ financial needs
  • We offer same-day emergency services
  • We provide low prices for high-quality work

Call us at (408) 763-5199  to schedule your reliable plumbing service today.

San Jose Plumbing Services

Taking your morning shower or brushing your teeth before going to bed at night requires a properly working plumbing system. For this reason we provide fast-response and affordable plumbing services in San Jose and your equipment is never out of commission for long.

We understand that you may have received service from a plumber that was rude or did not deliver on what they promised in the past. With more than 4 years of industry experience, you can trust our reputation for customer satisfaction when you choose United Plumbing.
Our San Jose plumbing services include inspections, maintenance, installations, repairs, replacements, and more. And with the fine tools and the latest technology and energy-efficient products from the top brands on the market, you can always trust United Plumbing to leave your system better than they found it!
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Safe, Effective Drain Cleaning in San Jose

We all know that a clogged sink or toilet can be a huge inconvenience. Before you reach for a package of chemical drain cleaner, consider calling United Plumbing instead. Chemical drain cleaners are highly corrosive, which is great for dissolving hair, food particles, and grime, but it could also be bad news for your pipes. Rather than risk harming your plumbing more than helping it, you should call our San Jose plumbers for a more long-lasting and safe solution. Instead of just masking the symptoms, we investigate the root cause of your drain problems and recommend a solution that takes care of them for good. We offer camera drain inspections, drain snaking, hydro jetting (ask for availability), and more!

Main drain clogged or not? How can one be sure of it?

Healthy plumbing systems require properly working drains. However, because of all the particles and junk that move through your drains, they can easily be clogged. Too often, homeowners don’t realize they have clogged drains until it’s too late and they’re stuck with costly repairs. Maintenance or diagnosis is essential.

The Following Signs Demonstrate That Your Main Drain is Clogged:

  • Multiple Clogs: Multiple drains clogging at once is a strong indicator that your main drain is clogged.
  • Dark Water: Another sign your main drain is clogged is if you notice water backing up in your shower or tub. This means that the waste and water can’t pass through the main drain.
  • Foul Odors: Waste, debris, and other things that go through your drains can build up causing clogs. If left untreated for too long, they’ll start to smell.

If your drains need clearing, turn to our skilled plumbers today. We have the tools and experience necessary to provide fast, non-invasive drain cleaning services you can rely on.

San Jose Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Can you imagine not having hot water in your home? We can’t, either, which is why we make your water heater service calls a top priority. Our San Jose plumbers service and replace both conventional tank water heaters and tankless models. Whether you need a fast repair, a routine tank flush, or are looking to reap the benefits of continuous hot water from a tankless water heater, we can help!
Signs you need to call for water heater service:

  • Water is rust-colored or foul-smelling
  • Water heater is leaking
  • No hot water at all
  • Your hot water supply runs out very quickly

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Is Going Out?

The average lifespan of a water heater is 6 to 13 years, depending on how well it’s maintained and used. However, if you find yourself constantly spending money on costly water heater repairs, it might be time to replace the unit entirely.

Signs Your Water Heater is Going Out:

  • You don’t have enough hot water in your home
  • Your water heater has a leak
  • It’s been more than 8 years since you got your water heater
  • Strange, concerning sounds are coming from the water heater
  • Your water heater is producing unusual, discolored water

At United Plumbing the Customer Comes First

United Plumbing is committed to providing plumbing services that improve and strengthen our community, one household at a time. That’s why we offer, so you can afford quality plumbing work without worrying about how it’s going to affect your budget. We know that plumbing problems are difficult and oftentimes costly to deal with, which is why we always perform our affordable services with care and respect. As the top-rated specialists in the region, we maintain our reputation by going above and beyond to meet all our customers’ plumbing needs.
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