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The sink is an integral part of the bathroom. The ease of use and service life depend on how well the sink model is selected (considering the size, quality of material, level of functionality). We recommend not to save on the purchase of plumbing fixtures and accessories, as well as on installation: this is fraught with additional costs for repair work in the future. Frequent consequences of mistakes during installation are cracks in the bowl of a new sink and damage to the siphon.


If you decide to update the interior and at the same time purchase new, more reliable equipment for the kitchen and bathroom, use the help of professionals. Call us – we will help with the assembling, connection of household appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.), and installation of sinks.

Repair and replacement of sinks by United Plumbing

Repair of plumbing equipment is a responsible deal, which should be provided by a specialist. Our team includes certified plumbers specializing in the maintenance, repair, and installation of sinks, regardless of their configuration (built-in, mini, overhead, hanging, with a pedestal, “water lily” shape) and material of manufacture:

  • ceramic
  • glass
  • stone
  • porcelain
  • faience
  • plastic
  • metal

If a crack appears on your sink, this is a reason to have a consultation with a specialist. Remember that cracks spread quickly on some washbasins, and the service life of the equipment depends on you. We advise you not to hesitate with the repair: the sooner you contact us for help, the more money you will save on restoration. 


It can only be done by professionals familiar with safety standards and rules for working with plumbing systems and who understand the types of constructions and have all the necessary tools in their arsenal.

In the list of our competitive advantages: 

  • Efficiency. Installation (replacement) of a standard sink takes not more than 1 working day, and repair time depends on the degree of damage.
  • Professionalism. Our team includes qualified plumbers who can cope with any tasks: from minor repairs to the faucet to a complete replacement of a bath, sink, or toilet
  • The best equipment. We use modern tools and quality materials for plumbing work.

The United Plumbing provides services throughout the territory of San Jose and Bay Area. We work around the clock, and we go to urgent calls to prevent serious accidents (rupture of a pipe or riser, house flooding).

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