Water heater repair and service in San Jose and Bay Area

A water heater is a device whose main function is to provide fast and continuous heating of water in the local water supply system. As a rule, it is installed in a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or basement (in case of a large-sized device).


In any case, the installation process should be carried out by a professional who is familiar with the safety standards and rules for working with water heating systems. The same applies to equipment repair: water heaters cannot be repaired on your own because you can not only aggravate the existing problem but also harm your health.


If you notice signs that the equipment has stopped functioning properly and you begin to receive huge water and electricity bills, contact the United Plumbing. We will quickly find the cause of the problem and fix it with a simple repair or complete replacement of the device.

Water heater repair by United Plumbing

All equipment deteriorates over time, especially under intense loads. A common problem with 24/7 water heaters is scale formation. Limescale is hard sediment on the walls of the device, left by heated water. The accumulation of sediment causes the heater to require more power to perform its function. This contributes to increased electricity consumption and can also lead to overloads and serious breakdowns.


Preventing the problem is real: you should regularly check the water heater for sediment. But even this does not guarantee 100% that the equipment will work without failures. In case of malfunction in the gas unit work you will need emergency assistance. Any delay can have dire consequences for you and your family. Remember, we are ready to help you 24/7.

When water heater replacement is necessary

The United Plumbing recommends: try to change the water heater at least once every 12 years. During this period, the device may wear out and become less efficient. Did you know that the heater is one of the most energy consuming appliances? It consumes over 25% of all electricity consumption in your home! And when it wears out or starts to malfunction, this figure increases significantly.


That is why you should not neglect the rules for using the device. So, after the specified period, go for new equipment, more functional and reliable. Otherwise, you run the risk of being left without hot water at all. To avoid trouble, call us now.


We provide a whole range of plumbing services for the installation, replacement, and repair of various types of domestic boilers:

  • electrical
  • gas
  • combined
  • indirect heating

We are also specialized in repairing commercial water heaters and are always ready to deliver affordable and high-quality plumbing assistance in spite of the fixture.

alized in repairing commercial water heaters and are always ready to deliver affordable and high-quality plumbing assistance in spite of the fixture.


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