Water softener filter

Are you familiar with soap residues around your bathroom, shower or sink? Have you ever tried to clean up the plumbing? This is an impossible task. Hard water is the main cause of your suffering.


Hard water contains a lot of minerals. Therefore, interaction with soap will damage the sink, bathroom, taps, pipes and other plumbing systems. Soapy water can clog the drains, requiring a filter change. Install a water softener and you will get rid of these problems forever. We offer the same price anytime you are in San Jose and Bay Area.


Repairing your water softener is the only way to get rid of plaque. But if you also need to replace the filter, then our employees will complete this task without any problems. The company employs professional plumbers who work 24 hours a day. We are ready to provide services around the clock, 7 days a wee

Water softener and filter installation by the United Plumbing

Clogged or damaged pipes can cause low pressure and burst pipes. This will increase water bills. A water softener can easily remedy this situation. Our professional staff will replace the water filters and thus significantly reduce your costs.


Hard water can cause several problems. The softener acts as a limiter. Thanks to this device, the laundry will become soft and dry. Its main advantage is an ability to extend the work and life of any appliance in your home. Home appliances will perform better and last longer.

Tips for eliminating the effects of hard water

A filter is the best way to avoid the unwanted effects of hard water. It traps all harmful substances and prevents them from getting back into the water pipe. It is very important to install the plumbing system correctly. If necessary, our team’s plumbers will test the return flow to ensure the quality of the pipes and drains. This service is available around the clock.


Do not try to solve the problem of hard water and back-flow or install softeners and filters on your own. This process is quite complex. Our company uses innovative equipment to solve any problem. A special pipe camera (endoscope) will help identify contaminants in the water supply system and prevent their back-flow.


Contact us if you need expert assistance. We will do everything to make filters and softeners work for a long time in your home. And this will save you from possible problems with plumbing.

Company news during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even during the pandemic, water supply, ventilation, and sewerage network failures can occur. Understanding the general concern about the situation caused by the coronavirus, our company strives to keep both employees and customers as safe as possible.


According to the World Health Organization’s directives, our company is committed to several efforts to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19. So, if a client shows symptoms that may be similar to the description of coronavirus, our specialists, as far as possible, will limit contact with such clients. In addition, in the work process, all employees must use protective equipment, keep a social distance and follow all recommendations for work hygiene: wash hands, disinfect equipment, treat work surfaces, vehicles and equipment with special means. All measures taken by the specialists of our company are aimed at maximum protection and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain a safe environment in the country and society. The management of our company continues to monitor the situation with the spread of COVID-19 closely, and in case of changes in working processes, we will promptly inform customers through all available means of communication.

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