What Are Water Heaters, How Do They Work, And Why Are They Needed?

Electric water heaters are reliable devices that can provide heated water to a house or apartment, which is not connected to the centralized system of hot water supply. Regardless of the model, capacity, or operating time, such devices can fail during water heater repair.

How the water heater works

If you have some problems with the water heater, call water heater repair. Before proceeding to the diagnosis and repair of electric water heaters, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the operation of such devices. The main varieties of such products are devices of storage and flow type.

Accumulation water heater

The storage water heater is a tank, in which a heating element is installed. The heating element converts the electric energy into heat, and as a result, the temperature of the water in the tank rises. To ensure that such a device does not lose heat through the walls, a layer of the thermal insulator is applied to the entire outer area of the tank, and to improve the aesthetics and safety of operation over the entire structure set a metal shell. On the body are placed elements of control, water heater repair service, and management of the electric water heater. The plumber Cupertino will help you to make an efficient repair.

DHW removal from the water heater and electric water heater repair via the extraction points is carried out with the simultaneous filling of the tank from the water supply system, so inside the tank, there is always the declared by the manufacturer amount of liquid.

Attention! Due to the presence of a spacious insulated tank, even after the power outage inside such a “thermos” retains its temperature for a long time during tankless water heater repair.

Flow-through water heater

Flow-through water heater differs significantly from storage devices. In such a design, there is practically no tank, and the liquid is heated in a small section of the pipe, in which a powerful tubular electric heater is mounted. In the device, the water has time to heat the moment it passes through it, for which the design of this type is called “flow-through” as the experts say in water heater repair near me.

Although the action of water heating equipment stops almost simultaneously with the power outage, flow-through water heaters have become very widespread. The main advantages of such devices and emergency water heater repair are the compact size and rapid heating of the liquid, according to the experts from plumber Cupertino ca.

Attention! The most noticeable disadvantage of the flowing water heater is the need to ensure the high quality of the connected wiring because the load on the electrical network is too high.

The most common malfunctions of water heaters

Almost any part of this type of equipment can fail, but most often the repair of water heaters is associated with a leaky tank and the replacement of a burned-out heating element. Problems with the gas water heater repair and performance of electronics are rare, but they can also be eliminated without recourse to the service center and the plumber in Cupertino, ca.

Leaking tank

In some cases, when, for example, depressurization of the internal tank occurred as a result of a “steam bomb” explosion, it will be impossible to repair the device. If the water heater was left for the winter in the unheated cottage, and depressurization occurred as a result of an ice extrusion gasket in the place of installation of the heating element, the electric water heater tank repair is made by replacing the rubber part with the plumber supply Cupertino.

If before the leak in the tank repair of the storage water heater with the replacement of the heating element, it is possible that the heater mounting nut was not tightened well enough, so you should disconnect the device from the power grid, remove the protective cover and tighten the threaded connection with the help of Cupertino plumbing.

In other cases, fixing the tank is not possible. With electrochemical corrosion, the tank may represent a “sieve” with multiple through holes. In such a situation, it is useless to take any action to repair and it is easier to buy a new product.

Problems with the heating element

Problems with the heating element are the first place among the faults of water heaters. The heating element works at a high internal temperature and it is enough to turn on the water heater once without water to require the replacement of this part. In addition to turning on without liquid, no less dangerous is the formation of excessive lime scale on the outer shell. In this case, normal heat output is impossible, and the product is sure to burn out within a short period of operation and fast repair in Cupertino.

If the heating element has not yet burned out, but the efficiency of heating the liquid has noticeably decreased, you can perform the following preventive work:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains.
  • Shut off the water.
  • Drain the liquid from the tank.
  • Remove the protective cover and remove the heating element from the body of the device.
  • Clean the heater from the scale.
  • After this service, the water heater is installed in reverse order.

If there is a need to repair the water heater, it is best to contact a professional.

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