Why do you need water heater repair?

Accumulating water heaters, which provide a standalone hot water system in the house or apartment, break down over time. As a rule, the cause of equipment failure is associated with a burnout of the heating element, located inside the tank.

 Breakdowns do not happen by accident, there are reasons for this, including surges in the mains, and long neglect of service. There are also several other reasons – incorrect installation and delayed repair. Diagnostic of parts will help to accurately locate the place of failure. The man with special skills will perform tankless water heater at an affordable cost and much more.

The heating element can burn out if the device is turned on without water. Although many manufacturers of water heaters exclude the possibility of such a situation due to the presence of design solutions. In most cases, the heating component ceases to function due to the exhaustion of its resource.

These factors affect the duration of operation of the accumulating water heater:

  • the intensity of use;
  • the quality of incoming water;
  • the maximum temperature of heating.

If when you turn on the electric water heater, tripped RCD or the water is simply not heated, you should check the condition of the heating element.

To understand why a heater fails, you need to understand the principle of operation and the purpose of the main elements. Regardless of what type of boiler you have, storage or flow, their design is similar.

Water heater replacement at a bargain price

An electric boiler is an effective solution to the problem of hot t water supply for the home. However, such equipment, as well as any other, periodically breaks down. In some cases, it is subject to repair. Here are the most common problems with the water heater and ways to solve them:

  1. Failure of the heating element. If the power supply is connected, but the water in the tank is not heated, all issues are related to the heating element. First, you should check whether electricity is supplied to the heating element and the thermostat. At the places of cable connection check the presence of voltage with a tester. If there is no voltage, you need to replace the cable itself or check to see if the electro energy is off throughout the house.
  2. Thermostat failure. To estimate if the thermostat removed from the water heater is in good condition, you should place the knob on the maximum setting and measure the inlet and outlet of the appliance. If the tester needle stays quiet, the thermostat has been broken and needs replacement.
  3. Faulty control board. You’ll have to replace it with a new component, and will need to enlist the help of a professional to help you set up the electronics.

    If you notice a tank leak, it’s a serious problem. Only an experienced technician will be able to fix it. His services are inexpensive, and you will be able to carry out water heater quality and prompt replacementfor a modest fee.

How is water heater installation carried out?

A sequence of steps during installation:

  1. Determine the distance between the heater, outlet, and water pipes. The hot water tap should be located as close as possible to the heater, this will keep the heating stable and minimize heat loss.
  2. Free up about 0.5 m on each side of the water heater. It will greatly simplify the interaction with the unit, ensuring easy maintenance and warranty service.
  3. Make sure that the wall on which you want to place the heater is capable of supporting its weight f you must. Reinforce the structure if necessary.
  4. Make holes in the wall for the fasteners. Be aware of the pipes, wires, and ducts inside, don’t bump them. Once the hooks are securely in place, fasten the water heater body to them.

    Next, it remains to connect to the plumbing. You can also install the equipment tankless. However, there are more complications with this. In addition, you will need extra free hands. It is better to call a specialist to avoid all the problems. A specialist will help to make a quality and fast replacementof the water heater.

Water heater installation – how much does it cost?

If you hear loud noises in the boiler, we recommend calling specialists in Redwood city. They will repair or install your tankless water heater. Over the years, the plumbers have provided many different services, particularly water heater repair. You can get in touch with the representatives of the licensed organization and find out the specifics of the work.

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