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Bradford white water heater in Palo Alto

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Ever wrestled with the challenge of taking a cold shower in the wee hours of a chilly Palo Alto morning? That’s a bummer, right? Say hello to the Bradford White water heater – your ultimate hot water champion.

Indulge in ultimate comfort with United Plumbing's premium Bradford White water heater in Palo Alto

Behind the Scenes: Your Bradford White Water Heater in Action

Curious about the wizardry behind your constantly warm showers? Here’s the tea. Your Bradford White water heater is a marvel of modern engineering that harnesses the power of either electricity or gas to transform cold water into a hot delight. The insulated tank acts like a thermal flask, conserving the heat for when you need it most.

Why the Bradford White Buzz? The Perks of Choosing the Best

Bradford White water heaters have become a household name in Palo Alto, and it’s no fluke. Here’s the 411 on why they are the bee’s knees:

  • Rock-Solid Performance: These water heaters are built to last, offering reliable hot water round the clock.
  • Saves the Green: Their energy-efficient nature is not just eco-friendly, but also wallet-friendly.
  • Safety Isn’t an Afterthought: With built-in safety features, these water heaters score high on the home protection scale.
  • Expert Backup: With United Plumbing’s seasoned squad at your service, you’re in safe hands.

Bringing the Bradford White Power Home: Installation Deets

Ready to kick those cold showers to the curb? United Plumbing’s got your back. Our skilled team of plumbing wizards can make a Bradford White water heater part of your Palo Alto home faster than you can say “hot water”.

Keep the Hot Times Rolling: Bradford White Water Heater Maintenance Tips

A bit of TLC will keep your water heater in peak form. Check out these maintenance nuggets:

  • Eagle Eyes: Be on the lookout for leaks or any unusual noises.
  • Spring Cleaning: Drain and flush the tank yearly to prevent a sediment party.
  • Pressure Test: Ensure the pressure relief valve is in good shape.
  • Expert Advice: Not sure about something? Holler at United Plumbing. We’ve got your six!

Time to Turn Up the Heat: Sealing the Deal

Gone are the days when a Bradford White water heater was a luxury. It’s now a lifeline in the cool climate of Palo Alto. And with United Plumbing in your corner, you not only get a top-notch water heater but also top-tier service to go with it.

So, Palo Alto, are you ready to kick those cold showers to the curb and embrace the warmth of a Bradford White water heater? Give United Plumbing a shout today, and let’s heat things up!


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Our Reviews

Nancy Ghodrat
Nancy Ghodrat
Bella is very knowledgeable about tankless water heaters. She determined that the heater that I purchased from Amazon was the wrong model. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She drove me in her car to the UPS store so I can return the heater and then drove me to the supplier store in San Jose (Pace Supply) so I can buy the correct one. She is very honest and showed me the wholesale price of the heater and used her coupon to get me the wholesale price. Umed, the technician, is an expert and did a great job installing the unit. He arrived on time, was very polite, and cleaned the area after his work was done. Bella and Umed put the customer first and provided an excellent service. I highly recommend United Plumbing because of Bella and Umed, their honesty, great service and expertise.
Catherine Hu
Catherine Hu
Technician Beck came on thanksgiving day, working from 3pm till almost 9pm, to replace a new water heater. In the middle of the installment, he even had to go back to his office and pick up new parts. It was very difficult to set up the tubes at my place since the space for the tubes/water heater was limited. Technician was very patient and friendly the whole time. The pipes after Beck’s work are better designed. I am very grateful they are willing to come on a big holiday like thanksgiving, getting the challenging work done without any complaints. Otherwise it would be a cold shower thanksgiving for us. Highly recommend.
United was quick to do an inspection and quote to replace our 20 year old tank water heater for a tankless and was able to start the job the same day. Professional and great service and the price was the lowest I received out of 3 or 4. Highly recommend!
Quality work. Respectful of the property, and clean. Showed up on time. Alex gave good advice, answered numerous questions and only charged for the work performed per agreement. We will call them again.
Alvin & Mae Reyes
Alvin & Mae Reyes
Yuri was great! Yuri came to inspect the pipes that were hearing while the water is running but unfortunately we weren’t able to hear anything at the time of the inspection. Yuri was able to install a new faucet in my kids bathroom. If you are looking for a plumbing company use United Plumbing, from the office to the field the service was great! I will definitely use Yuri and United plumbing again in the future.
Eugene Shoykhet
Eugene Shoykhet
Amazing service for my low water pressure problem. Highly professional and timely
CB Chang
CB Chang
Very quick responses with quality service, flexibility to adopt schedule change is good. Technician is professional and friendly. Services charge is very reasonable. I will definitely utilize their services in the future.
Anil Nanda (AKN)
Anil Nanda (AKN)
They are professional. To the point. Fair transaction. And they provide warranty on their work which is great.
ted schram
ted schram
They were able to come the same day I called. Service was quick and to the point, and the price was reasonable.
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