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Plumbing services provider as United Plumbing Company in Saratoga

ZIP codes we serve: 12170, 12866, 12871, 12884

Saratoga prefers United Plumbing for being experienced in plumbing services and reasonable prices

For the last 4 years in California, we have strived to go above and beyond for our clients throughout the Bay Area. And with our rich experience and newest tools, we can manage without a doubt any plumbing trouble you entrust to us. With respect to your time we work to get your gear up and running ASAP knowing firsthand how vital it is to tackle any problems straight away. Because of this we provide same-day and emergency services. Let`s get in touch!

Check out our clients’ reviews and see why we are the most relied on plumbers in Saratoga.

Well reviewed and highly trusted

We have thousands of satisfied clients all over California. They trust us with the most essential thing: creating comfortable and safe living conditions.

First class customer service

We work 365 days a year 24/7 without weekends and holidays, offering a wide range of plumbing services at affordable prices.

Fully licensed and insured

We have a full set of documents, including our licensing and insurance, confirming the right to perform plumbing work of any complexity.

We really care!

The client comes first for us. We live up to our reputation every day and do everything possible to justify your trust.


We provide a warranty of at least 1 year for all services and a lifetime warranty for individual projects. We are 100% responsible for the quality of our work.

Call United Plumbing now at (408) 763-5199 and find out what our Saratoga plumbers can do for you.
A full Service Plumbing Company in Saratoga, United Plumbing is here to show that our customers are returning not only for our cheaper prices, but also for the excellent results.

Plumbing is the job we work on mastering around the clock. United Plumbing is proud to be a California based local company with an international team, which means we grant repairs, maintenance, and installations on a world-class level. When you employ us for our drain cleaning service, we remove any clogs in your kitchen, bathroom, and wherever you may be experiencing an obstacle. We additionally provide water heater restoration and replacement, with tankless water heaters, so you no longer  have to fear a cold shower again. And with a range of different selections of pipes and fixtures, you can be sure that United Plumbing will have what your unit needs.


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    Quality work. Respectful of the property, and clean. Showed up on time. Alex gave good advice, answered... Read more
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