The main goal of the United Plumbing from San Jose and Bay Area is to protect your home from problems associated with malfunctioning plumbing equipment: to eliminate leaks, blockages in drain pipes, fix the kitchen sink, or install a new one. One of our activities is the repair of food waste disposers. We offer high-quality and prompt service with a visit to the facility at any time convenient for you.

Our team consists of qualified plumbers who can find malfunction sources in a couple of minutes and take measures to eliminate them. If your disposer suddenly went out of order and stopped performing its functions, contact our consultants, describe the essence of the problem, and order a home call from a team of specialists marked “urgent”. Our emergency assistance is available 24/7.

Food waste disposer: installation and repair

The garbage disposer is one of the most important parts of your kitchen equipment. What would you do without being able to dispose of food leftovers? One thing is exact: your living conditions would become much less comfortable.

A large amount of food waste gets into the sink drain every day, which significantly increases the risk of blockages. A sign that your equipment is not performing as expected is poor water drainage due to grease accumulation, food bits, and other waste. Faced with such an everyday problem, do not hesitate – seek help from professionals.

If you want to try to carry out the repair work yourself, follow the instructions:

  • Click on the button located at the bottom of the kitchen disposer
  • In case the first step did not work, visually assess the condition of the sink drain using a flashlight.
  • If during visual inspection you found objects that block a drain, remove them after turning off the power.
  • Turn the stuck hex wrench back and forth
Keep in mind: repairs on your own can have adverse and even dangerous consequences, up to injury, if safety measures are not followed when working with the equipment. The best option is to call a plumber.

We provide services to repair pipes and gutters, replacement, and disposers’ installation from scratch. If your equipment is worn out and cannot be repaired, we will select for you a new, more functional and durable one, install and test for efficiency, give recommendations for correct use and prevention of accidents.

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