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Water heater leaking in Mountain View

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Being greeted by a pool of water under your water heater isn’t a pleasant experience. With our expertise, we’ll guide you through this murky situation, demonstrate easy DIY fixes, and highlight when it’s time to call in the seasoned professionals at United Plumbing.

Water heater leaking and needing repair in a Mountain View home

Deciphering the Whys Behind Your Water Heater’s Trickle

A dripping water heater is a call to action, indicating problems ranging from a loose drain valve to a compromised tank. Accurately diagnosing the origin of the leak is crucial in charting a path towards a resolution.

The DIY Defense: Quick Fixes for a Leaky Water Heater

  1. Inspect Inlet and Outlet Connections: Make sure they’re tight and secure.
  2. Check the Pressure Relief Valve: If it’s malfunctioning, a replacement might be warranted.
  3. Evaluate the Drain Valve: Simple tightening could remedy the situation if it’s loose.

If the leak persists, don’t lose hope; every step is a step closer to a solution.

Time to Call in the Experts: When United Plumbing Steps In

When DIY remedies don’t cut it, it’s United Plumbing’s time to shine. Stubborn leaks usually hint at deeper issues such as a rusted tank or defective pipes, requiring professional intervention. Our skilled team is ready to tackle these problems, ensuring your home’s safety and your water heater’s longevity.

Securing the Future: Shielding Against Future Water Heater Leaks

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Regular check-ups and timely maintenance can guard against unforeseen plumbing disasters. Opt for a preventive stance by scheduling an annual service with United Plumbing to halt potential water heater issues in their tracks.

United Plumbing stands out with our commitment to your serenity. We’re not merely fixing leaks; we’re restoring harmony to your home. Our robust customer testimonials underline our dedication to top-tier service.

A leaking water heater need not disrupt your comfort. Entrust your plumbing needs to United Plumbing— Mountain View’s trusted plumbing ally. Let us transform your stress into assurance, making your leak a problem of the past. Remember, a home free of leaks is a home full of tranquility!


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